3 tea cocktails, 3 infusion styles


Happy hour has begun! Let's dive right into the good stuff: tea cocktails. There are so many ways to infuse tea into your drinks, both cocktails, and mocktails. With such a wide range of flavors, mouthfeels, and tasting notes - it's a no-brainer ingredient to fancy up your average drink. All the methods and recipes below are super easy for any kitchen, no need for fancy ingredients or tools!

1. Straight Infusion

In this method, you're basically just cold steeping the tea into the alcohol. It will take longer for the leaves to release their flavors at the lower temperature. Usually, we recommend tasting every few hours, but for most teas, somewhere between 2-6 hours will do the trick. We recommend using 15g per 16-20 ounces. This ratio can be played with, you can experiment to find the right potency for you. If you're using fancier teas, there's nothing wrong with steeping them first regularly and enjoying the tea! Then use the spent leaves in the infusion. This will need more time/potentially more leaves, but this is a good way to give great tea a second life. 

Recipe: Hojicha Kombucha

1.5oz hojicha infused rum

3oz kombucha (we love Revive!)

juice of 1/2 lime 

garnish with a lime wedge 

To make: Add ice to a glass, put together the ingredients, and give a good stir! 

2. Tea Syrup

Many cocktails use simple syrup as a sweeter. Simple syrup is just a one-to-one ratio of sugar dissolved into water. For a tea syrup, we just use tea instead of water. That's it! So, brew your tea as instructed on the package, weigh it out, and add equal parts sugar to a stovetop pot and mix. Syrups last 4-6 months. 

Recipe: The Green Gin Julep 


a handful of fresh mint sprigs 

1/2 oz sencha green tea simple syrup

2 1/2oz gin  

To make: Muddle the mint (leave out a sprig for garnish) and the green tea simple syrup. This allows for the aromas to come out. Then add crushed ice and drop in your gin. Give one final mix, and garnish with remaining mint. 

3. Tea as Ingredient/Powdered 

In this last one, we sometimes just use the tea as an ingredient. A common tea this works for is matcha. Whisk up the matcha in a small bit of water, and then just use it as an ingredient! 

Recipe: Matcha Mezcal Margarita 


1oz fresh-squeezed orange juice

2oz mezcal

2oz whisked matcha 

juice of 1/2 lime 

garnish with a lime wedge 

To make: Add all ingredients together over ice and shake until cold. Garnish with a lime wedge. 

We hope you have a blast making these tea cocktails at home. Go forth and experiment! We'd love to see your drinks and ideas on Instagram, so tag us! @onetea.co


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