does tea make us happier?

Humans have been drinking tea for centuries. So, you’d think, we must really enjoy it, right? As new research keeps emerging, we’re able to prove better the relationship between the tea we drink, and what it does to our bodies and mood. Tea has seemingly the perfect ratio of stimulation, relaxation, and health impacting compounds to boost or mood.

We're not doctors, or scientists, just tea lovers who want to spread the knowledge we've learned along our journey.


As most people know, all tea from the Camilla sinensis leaf contains caffeine. Caffeine tricks our bodies into thinking we are better rested, by blocking the sedative adenosine from working. This increases the activity in your central nervous system, leading to more alertness and productivity.

Not only does a small caffeine boost feel good, but it also allows us to be more productive and influential throughout our day - and that feeling on its own is a mood booster.

Too much caffeine can lead to adverse effects. The caffeine content of tea is lower than that of coffee or soda, giving your brain that nice boost, without the crash or over stimulation.


Tea is a natural source of the amino acid, l-theanine. Research shows that l-theanine reduces anxiety and calms us. It does this by increasing the number of inhibitory neurotransmitters (our mood stabilizers) and increases serotonin and dopamine (our naturally occurring feel-good internal chemicals). It also increases the production of GABA in the brain, which is related to deep states of relaxation and enhanced mental clarity.

Healthy Compounds:

Beyond this perfect yin and yang of stimulation and relaxation, tea is filled with other antioxidants and amino acids that research suggests help our bodies in countless ways.

With all the new material and scientific findings coming out on the benefits of tea, it's no wonder it is the second most drank beverage in the world (only second to water). We totally contribute to that statistic, it's time for us to brew another pot of tea - we'll cheers this time to our mood!

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