three teas for your skin

We boast all of the time how amazing tea is for your body, mind, and soul. It turns out, it’s also an all-star friend for your skin. Many companies around the world are starting to explore using tea as an ingredient, but it’s also possible to get many of the desired effects just from drinking the leaves themselves.

We are not skin-care experts or technicians, we’re just tea lovers who enjoy the many benefits of the vitamins, amino acids and catechins found in the tea we drink.

First and foremost, tea helps combat dehydration. It’s made of over 95% water, which alone helps revitalize dry skin. The ECGC found in all teas are said to help fight free radicals, which cause skin damage and premature aging. So, regardless of what tea you drink, your skin is loving life while you do so!

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For inflammation: organic sencha green tea

Research shows that green tea is super high in ECGC and other powerful antioxidants that are known to reactivate dying skin cells and promotes DNA repair. It’s said to reduce inflammation and help protect against UV radiation from the inside out. Because of it’s anti-inflammatory nature, it’s said to be one of the best natural ways to treat acne - once the inflammation is cared for, the frequency and severity of acne breakouts may drop.

For break outs: rose hip + spearmint herbal tea

There are two major antioxidants found in spearmint that help protect your skin from free radicals: phenolic acid and flavonoid. Free radicals can often lead to breakouts. There’s also an anti-androgenic effect in spearmint that balances hormones. Rose hip is said to reduce scars and fine lines from the inside out, and has a very large amount of vitamin C. Together, they are masters at fighting breakouts.

For when your stress shows: rose bud herbal tea

Aromatic and soothing, it’s hard not to chill out with a cup of rose bud tea in your hand. The induction of calm vibes allows your skin to naturally heal itself. It’s packed with vitamin C, and rose petals are rich with antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties. It is said to help lock in moisture to keep you soft and hydrated.

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