black tea bundle

Explore the differences in flavor and style of these three incredible black teas from three different global tea producing regions. In this bundle, you will receive 16g of each tea. 

Red Maple - A unique black tea made in Shizuoka, Japan. Ayumi, one of the family’s daughters traveled to Sri Lanka to study black tea and the family purchased a specific black tea rolling machine from the region to bring home. This Japanese black tea is smooth, earthy, brisk with some tart and fruity notes.

2nd Flush Darjeeling - 

The muscatel grape notes and pure taste of the Darjeeling region is our first reason to love this tea. This tea was grown small batch with a progressive mission. 

Bulang Ripe - Ripe pu er is not what we call Black tea in the West. It’s a Chinese style of Dark tea, or Shou pu er. This earthy, dark, woodsy tea is warming to the soul and a very complimentary offering to the other more classic black teas in the set.