black tea bundle

Explore the differences in flavor and style of these three incredible black teas from three different global tea producing regions. In this bundle, you will receive 16g of each tea. 

Lapsang Souchong - Known as the very first black tea, ever. This ancient Chinese tea is literally smoked as part of the production, giving it a real earthy, smokey flavor. Sometimes it is jokingly called the Scotch tea, and we often get people laughing saying they wish they had whiskey to have with it. 

Kanoka Assam - 100% hand-picked and hand-processed, this Assam black tea will make you rethink your classic English Breakfast tea. It’s a full-bodied, complex tea with notes of figs and honey. A classic daily drinker. 

Black Honey - This Taiwanese black tea is famous for its flavorful honey notes and soothing mouthfeel. We find it to be nice and spicy, a great winter treat!