pu'er party bundle

Ready to dive into the world of pu'er? This bundle is a great place to start. We'll hook you up with some easy entry point teas to explore and fall in love with! In this bundle you will receive: 

Bulang Raw Pu'Er: Smooth, medium-bodied and something that can be drunk with ease daily. It’s made of high-quality spring leaves from small trees under 100 years old by expert craftsman, Master Vesper Chan.

Green Mandarin Ripe Pu'Er Tuo Chas (5): The earthy flavors of the ripe pu'er are enhanced by the tangy citrus of the green mandarin in this unique tea. The ripe pu'er raw material has been aging for 10 years, and the mandarins come from a renowned producing area in Southern China. 

Bulang Ripe Pu'Er: Made using traditional pu’er processing and fermentation methods, this is a classic example of a true ripe pu’er. Dark, earthy, cozy and soothing - we can't get enough on snowy days! It has been packed using all natural bamboo shoot leaves, keeping the tea close to nature straight from the farm to your cup. Aging since 2013, this tea has a nice complex body and very warming qi.