high mountain mist oolong

Origin: Shanlinxi, Taiwan / Harvest: Winter 2019 / Elevation: 5,250 feet

Why We Love It: This tea is an incredible example of what many call “Taiwanese High Mountain Oolongs”. Hand-picked by expert growers on a small family farm owned by Farmer Zeng, this tea is crafted with precision and care. The climate of the farm bounces between both sunshine and mist each day, creating an incredible environment for tea to thrive.

We Taste: Flowers, pineapple, and greens

How We Brew It: Steep 4 grams in 8 ounces of 195F water for 4-5 minutes. Re-steep and lessen brew time for 2-3 steeps. We use 7 grams when using a gawian.

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