Fresh Sage & Lemon Tea


Sage is a main component used in Bedouin tea, a traditional daily drinking tea in many Arabic countries. But, today we are simplifying things and making an easy, go-to herbal sage tea with lemon to highlight the beautiful flavors and benefits of the herb. 

Herbal sage tea is made from the fresh leaves of the sage plant. We keep Common Sage (Salvia officinalis) as a kitchen herb in the house and used that for this recipe. 

Sage has so many medicinal properties, providing our bodies with loads of health benefits. It is a stimulant, a diuretic and an expectorant. It also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. So, if you're feeling under the weather, or feeling a sore throat coming on - herbal sage tea is a great go-to!


  • Put ~10 leaves of fresh sage into a small teapot or cup. The number of leaves is totally adjustable (the more leaves, the more intense the flavor). *Be sure to rip the leaves in a few spots to get the most flavor and benefits from the leaf. You'll immediately notice the increase of aroma once you start ripping the leaves. 
  • Boil water (212F) and pour it over the leaves into the pot/cup. 
  • Let the leaves sit alone in the water for 10-15 minutes. The longer you let the leaves simmer in the water, the more benefits brew out into your tea. 
  • In the last minute or two, add in 1-2 halved slices of lemon. If you really like lemons, you can squeeze the juice in as well, but we like to just place it in for a lighter lemon zing.  
  • Grab a strainer, pour out your tea and enjoy! 

As with all herbal teas, there are definitely health benefits - but, there isn't enough research to use it as a treatment for any condition. We also advise you to be careful on the quantity of consumption, as sometimes there can be negative side effects from overconsumption of many herbs.