TEA TUESDAY: Hojicha, Late Harvest 2017

Hojicha (sometimes spelled Houjicha) is a distinctively roasted style of Japanese green tea. Our Hōjicha is made of large leaf, late harvest Uji bancha by a 4th generation tea maker in Kyoto. Bancha typically includes a lot of stems and twigs, and is made from the remainders of higher grade, earlier plucked tea. Because of the ratio of stems and twigs, and the deep roasting process Hojicha is very low in caffeine. 

The dry leaves are a very deep brown, and the brewed tea has a lovely crimson-brown, copper color. On first sight, it looks nothing like a Japanese green tea. It has notes of kettle corn, chestnuts and roasted barley. Its taste and fragrance are a perfect duo for an easy cup after a meal or on a cold winter day. 

Hojicha appeared in the early 1920s, when Japanese tea merchants were trying to make the most of every stem, twig and leaf of the tea produced. It was a hard time in Japan, so every sale and penny helped. So, they began roasting the parts of the tea that were typically discarded from earlier plucked teas, like Sencha. The roasted tea they produced had such a mesmerising aroma and powerful flavor, that it because a local favorite. At such a good price point, it was a tea locals could drink on a regular basis, multiple times a day.

Hojicha will be 20% off until Tuesday, March 13th, 2018.