TEA TUESDAY: Bulang Ripe, Spring 2013

This week, we're highlighting this incredible Ripe Pu'er from Bulang Shan (Bulang Mountain) in the popular Yun Nan Province of China. 

Bulang Mountain is a very sought after location for tea cultivation. Over 1,500 acres of ancient tea gardens are found in the region, all with outstanding natural beauty, and a dense, high altitude tropical jungle environment. It is not classified as one of the 'Six Famous Pu'er Mountains', but it is one of the most famous of the "New" Pu'er Mountains. This area is inhabited by tribal minorities, and was left largely untouched and unexplored by the British, allowing the land to grow naturally and the tea trees to thrive for ages.

This specific tea was made using the most traditional processing and fermentation methods. Packaged using natural bamboo shoot leaves, the tea stays connected to nature through its entire life and aging process. This can attribute to the levels of cha qi (the energy emitted from a tea). 

There's a specific feeling we get drinking Ripe pu’er. It always makes us feel warm and cozy, and yearning to be sitting on a leather couch, next to a fireplace, with a great book, somewhere deep in the woods. Known to be full-bodied and exhibit strong qi, this particular Bulang Ripe fits that feeling perfectly, with notes of chestnut and a woodsy aroma.

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