tea as a tool to gather


We spent an afternoon sharing tea with the incredibly kind, curious, and resilient alumni group of the St. Vincent de Paul’s Cardinal Manning Center (CMC) in Los Angeles' downtown Skid Row area. The CMC is a homeless shelter that offers comprehensive programming for adult men and women, offering support during and after their in-facility resident program.

One of the core values of OneTea is that we believe tea is a tool to gather people together. No matter your background, profession, religion, cultural upbringing, or any other variable that could differentiate us. Nearly every human on this earth has some kind of connection to tea. Be it the way they grew up with it in their home; the way they like certain tastes; the way they caffeine affects them, there's always a common ground when tea is the topic.

To us, it is a universal symbol of hospitality, and we're so honored and blessed to be able to share our love of tea and this idea with you all.

Cynthia Glanzberg