teas for pisces season

Many believe our interests and personalities are written in the stars. Our zodiac signs can be seen as representations of the various human qualities we have in common, although we may express them in our own individual ways. The sun, moon, stars, and planets all play a part of our make up and beings. For a little bit of astrological fun, we’ve curated the top three teas for each sign, based on the generalized, common traits of each. As the sun enters Pisces, on February 20th, we begin to celebrate those in our lives who were born during this season, by drinking the teas we’ve selected as pisces teas.

Pisces are intuitive by nature, and are quite sensitive to their environment. Very similarly, white teas are made with expert knowledge of the air and space where they are produced. Craftsmen must be very intuitive to understand the needs of the leaves, as much of the processing is done naturally out in the open. This Malawian white tea, our White Peony is a great pairing for those sensitive and intuitive feelings.

There are many times when a Pisces aches to escape for a little tranquil R+R time. We paired this feeling of relaxing escapism with our Bulang Ripe. A Chinese ripe pu’er that reminds us of being alone in a log cabin, surrounded by old books, leather couches, and the scent of a roaring fire. A post-fermented style of tea, it is helpful to digestion after meals, and also aids in meditative practices and is perfect for solo-down time. Pisces are known to enjoy escaping their realities for some down time, and this tea is guaranteed to help take you there.

Romance and unconditional love is up there with the most important thing in many Pisces’ lives. They are selfless givers, and have the capacity to achieve intensely emotional relationships with others. For this, we’ve chosen our rose bud herbal tea. Probably the most associated flower with love, our whole flower rose buds are extremely fragrant, and make us beam rays of affection with each sip.