vintage ripe (1994)

Origin: Nannuo Mountain, Yunnan, China / Harvest: Autumn 1994

Why We Love It: This ripe pu’er tea has been aging in Guangzhou for over a decade. Its lifetime has given it an even, relaxed, and mellow vibe that warms the soul. It is perfect for when you don’t want dinner with loved ones to end, or alone curled up with a book on a rainy afternoon. It is a delicious digestif, and its camphor scent is soothing to the throat. This pu’er has been aged loose, not in cake form.

We Taste: Barnyard air, camphor, dates and earth

Size: 30 grams / Brew Guide: Steep 4 grams in 8 ounces of 212F water for 3-4 minutes. Can re-steep 2-3 times. Or gong fu brew.