zomba pearls white tea

Origin: Thyolo, Malawi / Harvest: Summer 2016 / Elevation: 3,300 feet

Why We Love It: This tea surprises us in the most exciting way. Its unique shape is hand-rolled by the expert team at Satemwa Estate under Alexander Kay, and look like little footballs. The flavor is robust, velvety, and unlike anything that’s hit our lips before.

Satemwa Estate prides themselves on creatively crafting new styles of teas and flavors that are exclusive to Malawi, and this is a perfect execution of that. Because of the natural sun-dried processing of this tea, it can only be crafted in a few day period, on perfectly clear and sunny days. It takes incredible skill and dedication to craft this tea so meticulously. This tea was grown pesticide free and is Fair Trade Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Tastes Like: Cucumbers, peppers, melon, and citrus

How We Brew It: Steep 4 grams in 8-16 ounces of 180F water for 4 minutes. Can re-steep 2-3 times.