frosty blue green mug + dong ding gift set

frosty blue green mug + dong ding gift set


We teamed up with the lovely and talented Kara from Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics to create these unique limited edition sets. In this set, we paired Kara’s Frosty Green Mug with our Traditional Dong Ding from Taiwan.

‘Dong Ding’ translates to "Frozen Peak". Harvested in winter, this tea comes from a garden that gets very strong sunshine in the morning but is completely covered by fog by the afternoon. Produced following the most traditional methods, this is a truly special example of the Dong Ding style.

The handmade stoneware mug is thrown on Kara’s potter's wheel. Made from stoneware clay it is strong and durable. When the mug was partially dried, the unique shape handle was added. Once bone dry it is fired to 1060 degreed centigrade. I decorate the mug with a frosty blue - green matt glaze on the outside and glossy transparent on the inside which allows the natural speckle of the clay to shine through. It is high fired to 1200 degrees centigrade.

Gift Set Includes:

  • 28 grams of dong ding oolong tea

  • One Frosty Blue Green Mug

  • Gift packaging

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