Press & Podcasts’s Flowering of the Strange Orchid Review - November 2018

“While guests awaited the start of the dinner, a ceremonial tea from OneTea proved to be an exceptional highlight. With dozens of jars containing numerous ingredients, audiences could request custom teas be created based on their mood, tastes, or adventurousness. The hostess would conjure a tailored tea to each guest, allowing the leaves inside to match the many leaves of the mansion.”

Hidden Apron Podcast - July 2018

Cynthia talks travel, human connection, crossing cultural boundaries, and of course, tea, in a conversation with Hidden Apron's very own Paolo Espanola.


Lady Balls Radio - September 2018

Cynthia and badass lady host Coni discuss navigating starting a business with no experience, ditching future regret by taking action in the present, and how to successfully network without introductions. Listen on Lady Ball Nation.

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Diving Bell Lounge Podcast - June 2018

Often, we relate tea to wine in the sense of production, importance of origin and terroir, and complex tasting notes. Cynthia explores this deeper with the incredibly knowledgeable Shaughn Frehill & Alex Berry of the Diving Bell Lounge Podcast.

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VoyageLA - October 2018

We’re honored to be featured as one of “LA’s Most Inspiring Stories” on VoyageLA’s trending page! Read the full article on their website.