black honey

black honey


Type: Black

Origin: Pinglin, Taiwan

Harvest: Summer 2017

Elevation: 2,600 feet

Size: 30 grams

Tastes Like: Honey, cinnamon, and malt

Why We Love It: Produced by a third generation tea farmer, named Mr. Chang, this is an example of an expertly crafted "Bug-Bitten Tea" that has become famous in Taiwan. It’s subtle, yet flavorful and the honey notes are oh so soothing.

Brew Guide:

Teapot/Infuser: Steep 5 grams in 8 ounces of 205F water for 3-4 minutes. Can re-steep 2-3 times.

Gong Fu: Steep 4 grams in a 4 ounce gaiwan. Rinse leaves once quickly, then start with quick steeps under 10 seconds. With each re-steep, adjust timing to your taste.

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