golden tips

golden tips


Type: Black

Origin: Chabissay, Nepal

Harvest: Summer 2018

Size: 30 grams

Tastes Like: Cocoa, malt, caramel

Why We Love It: Made in a small village, in the famous Ilam region, by a farmer who goes by the nickname, Buddha, these Golden Tips are an extremely labor intensive tea. It’s comprised mostly of buds, which are the most difficult to hand-pick. It takes great care and precision to produce a tea of this kind and Buddha & his team are the most skilled craftsmen we’ve seen in the entire region.

Brew Guide:

Teapot/Infuser: Steep 6 grams in 8 ounces of 212F water for 2 minutes. Can re-steep 2-3 times.

Gong Fu: Steep 6 grams in a 6 ounce gaiwan with 212F water. Rinse leaves once quickly, then start with a 20 second steep, increasing the brew time by 10 seconds each round.

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