Type: Raw Pu’Er

Origin: Jinggu, Simao Prefecture, Yunnan, China

Harvest: Spring 2017

Size: 28 grams

Tastes Like: Flowers and spinach

Why We Love It: This raw pu’er was hand-rolled, wood fired, and uses raw materials from a single varietal. A combination that creates a truly natural and special tea. In tea, we often talk about the ‘qi’ of a tea, or its ‘energy’. This raw pu’er gives us a sense of elation, focus, and bodily tingle that all culminate to a strong qi.

Brew Guide:

Teapot/Infuser: Steep 4 grams in 8 ounces of 205F water for 1-2 minutes. Can re-steep 2-3 times.

Gong Fu: Steep 7 grams in a 6 ounce gaiwan of 195F water. Rinse leaves once quickly, then start with a 10 second steep. With each re-steep, adjust timing to your taste. Steep up to 8-9 times.

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