kanoka assam

kanoka assam


Type: Black / Origin: Panchnoi Village, Assam, India / Harvest: First Flush 2017

Tastes Like: Fig, honey, malt, and woods

Why We Love It: The Assam region of India is on of the biggest tea producing regions in the world. The Kanoka Estate, where this tea was produced, is doing things differently. The tea is 100% hand-picked and hand-processed; a VERY rare thing in a region of big corporate industry. This bring so much more life to the leaves - providing you with a much fuller, complex tea experience. Not only is it handmade, it is grown using ancient all-natural techniques, called vriksayurveda, to grow their tea.

The small, family estate is a member of Assamica Argo, a cooperative designed to promote sustainable and ethical tea production in the region.

Size: 30 grams / Brew Guide: Steep 5 grams in 8 ounces of 200F water for 2 minutes.

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