little bing dao

little bing dao


Type: Raw Pu’Er / Origin: Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan, China / Harvest: Spring 2017

Tastes Like: Flowers and sweetness

Why We Love It: With just the right amount of bitterness, our Little BingDao gives us the amazing sensation of a lasting “hui gan,” a cooling sensation felt after each sip. Almost in the same way mint stays in your mouth when you breathe out. BingDao is one of the most famous villages for pu’er, and our producers lie just outside of village lines. This allows us to bring you ancient arbor tree materials, with the same craft mastery, but with a much more affordable price tag.

Size: 28 grams / Brew Guide: Steep 4 grams in 8 ounces of 190F water for 1-2 minutes. Can re-steep 2-3 times. Or gong fu brew.

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