Who We Are


We're tea lovers. Okay, fine. We're obsessed with tea. 

Obsessed with the vast range of flavors and varieties one leaf can create.

Obsessed that this one beverage can cross any cultural boundary with ease. In every corner of the world, tea impacts people's daily routines and celebrates traditions.

Obsessed with how it brings people together, and is universally understood to be a symbol of warmth and welcome.  

Obsessed with the people who work tirelessly to continue the ancient tradition of tea making.

And now, we're obsessed with sharing all of this with you. 

We believe tea is a powerful tool for exploration. With tea, we can outwardly explore together through gatherings, discussions and share cultural traditions; we can also go inward to explore ourselves with moments of tranquil solitude. 

Life is more fun with a little exploration, and we believe tea is just the same. We have the utmost respect for all tea traditions and cultures - but, we are not afraid to push boundaries and get playful with our brews and offerings.

Through our pop-up tearooms, tea consultation services, and online shop, we're making high-quality, loose leaf tea lively and approachable for you to experience and explore.