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A roaming teahouse making sustainable, and ethically sourced loose leaf tea accessible for you to enjoy.


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may 9-10: the dreamery

The Dreamery marries decadent sweets with bountiful weed in a dreamlike setting reminiscent of cotton candy-coated, childhood fantasies. With immersive and tactile experiences, guests will be able to indulge in the sensationally delicious ways cannabis intersects with treats.


may 11: mothers day at the star

We’ll be doing a DIY organic herbal tea blending bar in the back alongside tarot readings, driftwood building, and more! 1PM-6PM.


book a private tea event

Want to do a deep dive into the world of tea? We offer a variety of tea options curated to your curiosities. DIY herbal tea bars, tea tastings, tea service, we can do it all for any size event or gathering.