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what is hui gan?

After our Instagram story yesterday about the feeling of hui gan our Little Bing Dao Raw Pu'er gave us, we got a few questions. So we wanted to dive a bit deeper for you to expand your understanding of tea for your own journey. 

Most often, the term hui gan is associated with Pu'er teas. If you're new to pu'er as a category, you can read our post about it first here. Hui gan is considered a sensation, rather than a flavor because of the way it makes you feel, rather than being associated with a taste. 

The easiest way to describe it is to think about the feeling you get when you are chewing minty gum and you breathe out. That cooling sensation, that 'ahh' that feels tingly in your whole mouth - THAT is what hui gan feels like. It's kind of minty, kind of sweet, and very refreshing. It feels cleansing, in a positive way, like a little finale left in your mouth after each sip.

It also can be attributed to a balancing effect in high-quality pu'ers. Many times pu'ers can have astringent notes to it that are punchy and hard (but desired). This balance of a hui gan feeling at the end gives your mouth a range of "emotions" to experience. 

Now that you understand the sensation a bit deeper, next time you drink a raw pu'er tea, stop for a second at the end and see if you notice the hui gan feeling. Allow yourself to sink deeper into the presence of your tea and your bodily reaction to it. Have fun! 

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