what is white tea?

White tea is known for its white hairs and delicate features. High-quality white tea is made from young buds and leaves harvested very early in the season and left to wilt in the sun with minimal processing. It’s a mellow tea with a pale-colored liquor and is characteristically known for its sweet, vegetal and floral flavors. Because of its minimal processing, white tea retains a lot of the original properties of the leaf, providing excellent health benefits.

White teas origin can be traced back to the Fujian Province of China during the Tang Dynasty. Since that time, white tea has found its way into a variety of cultures around the world, with significant production seen in China, Malawi, Vietnam, Indonesia and Darjeeling, India.

During the production of white tea, the enzymes are never entirely “killed.” This factor gives white tea the potential to see it’s flavor profile change over time, in an aging-like process.

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