tea tin storage
tea tin storage tea tin storage tea tin storage
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Beautiful, clean, minimal storage for special teas. Holds around 1 ounce of tea, depending on tea leaf size. Made in Japan by the reputable and distinguished brand, KOTODO. The canister body is made from a single sheet of steel and electrically welded at the seam, they are then hand-wrapped in Japanese Washi paper. Washi paper is made from the bark of small tress found in Japan, and is soft to the touch. Note: the eggshell white color is lacquer-coated by hand, not washi paper*

Made with only lead-free paints and solders. They help protect your tea from light, odors, block moisture and prevent oxidation.

Dimensions: 2.87”x3.15”

Comes in three colors:

  • white & gold washi paper

  • blue with white dots washi paper

  • eggshell white lacquer-coated