TEA TUESDAY: Traditional Dong Ding

Dong Ding 凍頂 (sometimes called Tung-ting), is a classic light-roasted Taiwanese oolong tea. It translates in English to 'Frozen Summit,' or 'Icy Peak.' Like many Taiwanese and Chinese teas, this tea is named after the location where it was originally cultivated - Dong Dong Mountain. Tea trees were brought to this region of Taiwan nearly 200 years ago from the Wu Yi Mountains, in China's Fujian Province. Dong Ding Mountain, in central Taiwan, was chosen because of its ideal terroir - a cool and misty high elevation environment. 

Dong Ding is typically composed of 3-4 leaves. After the tea is plucked, it’s first left to wither. Then, the leaves get tossed and bruised on large bamboo baskets, starting the oxidation process. Even with a light-roast, the tea undergoes repeated slow roasting sessions over a period of days. Final rolling and firing sets the oxidation around 15-30%. 

The result is a tea with a robust flavor and notes of roasted barley, popcorn, caramel and plum. The texture is creamy and silky with a lingering sweetness.

Today, a lot the production of Dong Ding has moved to other tea production regions, and many of it is machine processed, with many corners cut to increase profits. We are extremely proud to be working with craftsmen in the original home to this tea, who make sure the tea is produced 100% handmade, following the most traditional methods. This is why we’ve labeled our Dong Dong as ‘Traditional,’ because it truly is - in every sense of the word. It is easy to see by the deep green color of the hand-picked leaves, the rich aroma, the golden liquor and the classic signature taste. 

We hope you enjoy every sip! Leave comments on your experience with this tea to share with others below.