three teas for fall

Probably the hardest question we hear often is, "what's your favorite tea?" Our favorite teas depend on many factors: the weather, our mood, the season, and much more. Every time we respond with a different answer, depending on all of those factors at that very moment.

When seasons change, our go-to tea selections change too. Since the autumnal equinox has just passed, we wanted to share some of our favorite teas for fall with you.

Creamy, cocoa, and thick like caramel, our golden tips feel great with the crisp breeze of fall. Comprised mostly of buds, this tea is rich and extremely fragrant. It's an unmistakable scent each time the package is opened. We never cease to enjoy that moment.

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There's something about the foliage and chilled morning air that gravitates us towards raw pu'ers. Our Jiggu comes from the Jinggu Mountain in Yunnan and has a particular 'qi' to it. Qi is an energy, an exhilarating feeling you get when drinking certain teas. It makes you feel elated, positive and focused.

kanoka assam
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Our Kanoka Assam black tea is complex, full and provides you with an entirely new perspective of Assam black teas upon first taste. It's got notes of fig, honey, and woods, which pair great with the more rooted, hygge nature of the fall season.