green mandarin ripe pu'er tuo cha

Origin: Ripe Pu'Er from Yunnan, China; Green Mandarin Peel from Xinhui, Guangdong, China 

Why We Love It: The earthy flavors of the ripe pu'er are enhanced by the tangy citrus of the green mandarin in this unique tea. The ripe pu'er raw material has been aging for 10 years, and the mandarins come from a renowned producing area in Southern China. We love how the brews of this tea evolve and change as you re-brew it. First brew tastes very earthy, like a classic pu'er. Then the more you brew it, the more it shows its citrusy delights. By the end, it is a pure citrus bomb! 

Each pack has 5 tuo chas inside. 

We Taste: Earth, tangy, citrus 

How We Brew It: This tea is super easy to brew! Just unwrap the outer paper and place entire tuo cha into a teapot or gaiwan. Pour boiling water over it, wait 20-30 seconds, and pour out to enjoy. We recommend brewing it at least 3-4 times over.